For a coffee you can count on year after year, try one of our Signature Blends.  Always consistent.  Always available.  Always delicious!  All blends available in regular and decaf.  Many can be made with all organically certified coffees.  Just ask!



Recommended Roast Level

Boston Blend

A mild, medium bodied coffee with a smooth flavor and clean finish. Inspired by the coffee found in doughnut shops of the 1920's.

City or Full City for a great coffee you can drink all morning long.


Chicago Blend

A well balanced, medium bodied coffee with an intense, complex flavor. A blend of African, Asian and American beans inspired by the coffees enjoyed in Chicago between World War I and II.

City or Full City for a morning coffee. Vienna for an excellent dinner or desert coffee. For a unique, complex flavor, try a Foglifter (a mix of different roast levels).


New Orleans Blend

Inspired by the coffee found in French Bistros, this blend is great at any roast level. Bright and sassy at a light roast it gets heavier and sweeter the darker it goes.

City for a bright morning cup, Full City or Vienna to highlight richness, Northern or Southern Italian to maximize body and sweetness, French to get the slightly burned, large coffee chain taste.

St. Louis Blend

A bright, medium bodied coffee with a smooth flavor and clean finish. Inspired by the premium coffees found in the Midwest in the 20's and 30's, it is an excellent choice for your customers who prefer their coffee black.

City or Full City to get a classic, Midwestern cup of Joe.

San Francisco Blend

Inspired by the coffee of San Francisco's Beat generation - a well balanced, heavy bodied blend with a very intense, complex flavor. A wonderful coffee to linger over with dessert or poetry.

Vienna to highlight richness, Foglifter to emphasize body and complex flavors.

Felicity Jazz Blend

A bright, medium-bodied blend, complex and balanced, with a rich chocolate overtones, a sweet, clean finish and a hint of spice.

Foglifter to emphasize complex flavor.


Midnight Jazz Blend

A well balanced, heavy bodied coffee with chocolate overtones and a touch of spice. Roasting beans at different levels adds complexity to this outstanding dessert coffee.

Foglifter to emphasize complex flavor.

High Test Blend

A strong, medium bodied coffee with 50% more caffeine.

Full City for a rich, satisfying coffee with extra "Buzz".

Mokha Java

The original coffee blend. A balanced blend of a very bright, intensely flavored Aftrican and full-bodied Indonesian coffees. An excellent dinner coffee.

Full City for more rich brightness, Vienna for sweetness and heavier body. Foglifter for the best balance of full body and complex flavor.


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